This course presents the risks, responsibilities and liabilities of which every employee should be aware, as well as simple steps to keep corporate data and systems secure. Employees play a critical role in ensuring the security of their organizations information and data. The media is obsessed with hackers. But the organizations and their employees should realize and remember that the most dangerous security threats are insiders.

The course has been broken down such that every employee can understand and be aware of current threats to data security and their role in ensuring that the organization is secure.

  • Introduction to computer security
  • Internet privacy and security
  • Social Engineering attacks
  • Password strength and security
  • Mobile devices and wireless security
  • Physical security
  • Reporting a security incident
  • How to protect yourself (Brainstorming session)

Every employee from top level management to lower level management should attend the course. It is recommended all employees at one time undertake the course because security is a chain where a single weak link can cause the whole system to fail

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