Our global anti-money laundering training course, is aimed at clients who have Local, Regional or Global operations and a global anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing policy.

Those who take this course will be better able to recognize the how, what, where and why money launderers and terrorist financiers are targeting the financial system. They will better recognize their own responsibilities in detecting and preventing money laundering, and will understand the steps they can take to reduce those risks.

We have created a portfolio of training solutions that give your employees the necessary skills and understanding to help protect your business against financial crime to ensure on-going compliance with relevant financial regulations.

Whether you’re deploying a new, enterprise-wide anti-money laundering or financial crime training programme, implementing on-going refresher training or educating new hires on your anti money laundering policies and procedures, Cyber Security Africa can help you every step of the way. Together we can devise a sustained approach to your anti-money laundering and financial crime training that will support your overall governance, risk and compliance programme.

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