The Computer Forensics :Incident Handling and Response course course is designed to help digital investigators and CERT teams identify malware on a computer system, pull malware apart to uncover its functionality and purpose, and determine the havoc malware wreaked on a subject system.Practical case scenarios are used throughout the course to demonstrate techniques and associated tools.

Furthermore, to bring malware analysis into the realm of forensic discipline, this course provides methodologies and discusses legal considerations that will enable digital investigators to perform their work in a reliable, repeatable, defensible, and thoroughly documented manner.

  • Collecting Volatile Data
  • Examination of memory
  • Registry Analysis
  • Static analysis of malware
  • Dynamic analysis of malware
  • Legal Considerations and Reporting

A laptop is a compulsory requirement due to the practical labs in the course. The laptop should have at least the specifications listed below:-

  • Laptop with administrative level access
  • 5 GB available hard drive space
  • 1 GB RAM or higher DVD drive (minimum 12x recommended)
  • x86 compatible 2Ghz CPU minimum or higher
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