Mobile banking is attractive because it is a convenient approach to perform remote banking, but there are security shortfalls in the present mobile banking implementations. This training discusses some of these security shortfalls, such as security threats with GSM network, SMS/GPRS protocols and security problems with current banks mobile banking solutions.

The Mobile Banking Security Training course content is customized to meet the particular needs and requirements of the banking sector, as well as purpose-built content to deliver the training course. We have staff available to conduct the training with both internationally recognized expertise in this field and a passion for training.

  • The fundamentals of digital evidence on mobile devices on how mobile phones and other devices store data, and the best practices to use to isolate and preserve the data in preparation for legally defensible extraction and analysis.
  • The logical extraction and analysis, focused on rapid responders who need actionable intelligence from a variety of handsets in varying environmental conditions.
  • Physical extraction, decoding and analysis
  • Mobile Policies and standards.
  • Secure mobile application development.
  • Mobile Application vulnerability assessment.
  • Mobile Infrastructure vulnerability assessment.
  • Mobile Systems hardening.
  • Incident response.
  • Mobile Investigations and digital forensics.
  • Mobile banking user security awareness.

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