The 6th East Africa Banking & ICT Summit is the ONLY event in Africa that focuses on technology innovations and trends in the banking and ICT sectors. This annual summit brings together retail banking industry’s high-profile CIOs, CTOs and COOs to explore how they can utilize the newest technologies to further increase mobility, enhance security, support new products and services, and improve customers’ experience to secure their competitive edge.

You will be meeting forward-thinking leaders of the industry who have chosen to invest their money and most importantly, time, in attending the one-day summit with the main goal of improving their existing IT infrastructure. These are the people who are actively seeking solutions to keep themselves up-to-date in this highly competitive market so as to attract and retain their customers.

The 6th East Africa Banking & ICT Summit attendees are actively seeking the following:

    • Retail Banking Solutions
    • Core Banking Solutions
    • Omni-Channel Banking Solutions
• Multi-Channel Banking Solutions
    • Electronic Payment Solutions
    • Mobile Payment Solutions
• Payment Processing Solutions
    • Secure Payment Solutions
    • Branch Automation Solutions
    • Mobile Banking Security Solutions
    • ATM Security Solutions
    • Big Data Management Solutions
    • Enterprise Architecture Management Solutions
    • Datacenter Solutions
    • Cloud Computing Solutions
    • IT risk Management Solutions
    • Mobile Device Management Solutions
    • Cyber Security: Trends and Implications in Financial Services
    • Cyber Security Awareness Training
    • Cyber Security Information Sharing
    • Cyber Security: Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing for Financial Institutions
    • Information Security and Public key infrastructure
    • Digital Intelligence and investigations

    • Social Media, Security, and Cybercrime
    • Insider Threats: Dealing with the Threat Within
    • Realizing the Goal of Cloud Security
• Cyberwarfare and military applications of security
    • Software and Application security
    • Privacy and Anonymity and their impact on society
• Threats and Cyber Protection Measures
    • Conducting Cyber Audits
    • Cyber Security Legal and regulatory framework Implications
    • MData Protection
    • Risk Management for Corporate, Financial and Technology Enterprises
    • Customer Security Awareness
    • Future of Digital and Mobile Forensics and investigations

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