Cyber threats have been identified as the most pressing challenges to the security of organization whether private or public world over.

As the threats evolves and the incidence of attacks increases, maintaining preparedness and situational awareness is vitally important. Customized malware, DDoS attacks and the vulnerabilities of mobile and enterprise networks all present real challenges.

However, the opportunity to come together and share ideas, solutions and initiatives and to facilitate deeper cooperation in cyber defense must be harnessed.

Governments and Private Organizations are launching several systematic and well-resourced strategic initiatives to safeguard critical infrastructure and systems, how should your organization respond?

Building on the success of previous conventions series in the last 2 years and with insights from Cyber Security experts, learn how organizations should successfully respond. Enhancing security, resiliency and reliability of Nation’s / Organization’s Cyber and communications infrastructure is a challenge that must be met, attend the 3rd Annual Cyber Defense Convention 2017 that will equip you with a comprehensive range of clarifications and solutions.

Who to Attend

    • Chief Security Officers
    • Directors of Enterprise Security
    • Chief Information Officers
• Chief Technology Officers
    • Software and Application security
    • Chief Information Security Officers
• Network Security Managers
    • IT Managers
    • Cyber Crime Specialists
    • Cyber Crime Specialists
    • Team Leader – Security
    • Information Security Managers / Heads
    • Security heads / Team leader
    • Advisors - Information System Audit
    • Vice President ICT / Technology / Information Security
    • Investigators
    • National Intelligence officers
    • Criminal investigations officers
    • Millitary Intelligence / Security officers

    • Social Media, Security, and Cybercrime
    • Insider Threats: Dealing with the Threat Within
    • Realizing the Goal of Cloud Security
• Cyberwarfare and military applications of security
    • Software and Application security
    • Privacy and Anonymity and their impact on society
• Threats and Cyber Protection Measures
    • Conducting Cyber Audits
    • Cyber Security Legal and regulatory framework Implications
    • MData Protection
    • Risk Management for Corporate, Financial and Technology Enterprises
    • Customer Security Awareness
    • Future of Digital and Mobile Forensics and investigations

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